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Characteristics of self-service payment terminals
Jun 13, 2017

1, self-service payment terminal streamline design, beautiful appearance, generous;

2, self-service payment terminal to the surface using high-quality outdoor plastic powder spraying, anti-rust, wear-resistant;

3, full hardware encryption, support DES and 3DES encryption;

4, voice, text, animation and other information navigation, guidance operations;

5, touch screen design, Operation Humanization, simple and convenient;

6, Self-Service payment Terminal host: The use of domestic well-known manufacturers of industrial control mainframe, wide temperature, stability, can be 24 hours * 365 days uninterrupted operation.

7, receive the commonly used banknotes, you can easily upgrade the currency at any time, the identification rate is 99%. Electronic code Locker--the system may issue a random password to the note-taking officer, who will enter the password within 3 minutes to open the banknote box. Safe + electronic Banknote box-safe has passed the Chinese Ministry of Public Security certification, can let the money-taking personnel avoid direct contact with cash. Pull-type mobile banknote box: movable banknote box, flexible use, convenient for the operation of the banknote.

8, dustproof cover: The Electric dust-proof cover of the banknote device can effectively avoid the dust entering into the paper-currency device, especially in the larger area of dust.

9, storage media: The use of electronic disk, equipment sudden power failure does not affect the electronic disk storage, not to worry about the damage to the electronic disk.

10, 24 hours omni-directional ATM machine security monitoring, to ensure the use of equipment safety.

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