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Classification of self-service query terminals
Jun 13, 2017

Self-Service terminals are many types, specific can be divided into theater self-service terminals, medical self-service terminals, registered self-service terminals and a series of products, and we are most commonly used for the Bank self-service terminals, then the bank self-service terminals in what categories? Next, we will introduce:

Multimedia Self-Service Inquiry Terminal machine function: Mainly deal with non-cash transactions. such as: Check the balance, check the details of transactions, change, Passbook, transfer, buy and sell stocks, buy and sell funds, foreign exchange, market real-time inquiries, pay the cost of public utilities and other cash-related transactions.

ATM Terminal machine function: Mainly used to withdraw money, but also inquires the balance, inquires the transaction details, transfers, changes the secret plus some characteristic services, such as inquires the Provident Fund, pay some public service expenses and so on.

Self-help deposit terminal function: mainly accept cash deposit. With the inquiry balance, inquires the transaction details, transfers, changes the secret and so on service. No withdrawal function.

Self-access machine: Simultaneous support for withdrawals, deposit functions of the machine. Other features are similar to the above. It is due to the different hardware structure of the box can be divided into: The circulation machine-deposit cash can be placed in a cash drawer; The advantage of a recycle machine is that as long as someone saves, you can have money. Not the circulation machine, the money in the cash box can not be taken out, even if someone to save in.

Self-Service peripherals: self-service equipment supporting at least two cameras, one on top of the machine, from top to bottom can be seen in front of the upper body. The other is near the head, from the back to the person from top to bottom to about the thigh and around 1 meters on both sides. In some places there is more than one camera, mostly in a far away place, you can see the whole person before the device.

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