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Function of self-service terminal backstage
Jun 13, 2017

What are the functions of the self-service terminal? Self-help terminal function is our day-to-day maintenance needs to understand the common sense, so that we can maintain the best results, then the function of the self-service terminal background, the next for everyone to introduce:

(1) System Management: The main function of the module is the management of system administrators, rights management, equipment system management upgrade. The specific functions are divided into: admin login, admin logoff, operator Management, change password, rights Management, exit system, Parameter download, function module switch, terminal pair, state switch, hardware detection and terminal remote software upgrade.

(2) Authority Management: can manage the terminal whether to open or suspend all transact business, or open or suspend a terminal of a certain or certain business.

(3) Equipment Management: The module function is to register the terminal to ensure that the terminal communication is correct, information transmission security. function is divided into: equipment maintenance, equipment type maintenance.

(4) Business query statistics: The module for the user transaction history and processing situation and sales card, such as the record query function, query support a variety of query conditions. Specific functions are divided into: Business details, user transaction history, billing information reports, business processing reports and sales card records.

(5) Chart Analysis: This module is convenient for the administrator statistical data design. The analytic statistics chart can be used for automatic chart drawing in the range of year, month and day period, and the chart can generate line chart and column chart. function is divided into: Month and day business Volume statistic chart, analysis chart.

(6) Transaction management: mainly for the user to deal with the needs of the check, punching, management and other functions of the operation. function is divided into: cash check, automatic punching, automatic recovery, system reconciliation function, abnormal transaction processing function.

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