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How to choose Self-Service terminal
Jun 13, 2017

We in the purchase of theater self-service terminals should know what aspects, so as to buy their own satisfied with the theater self-service terminals? Next Covey message Small series for everyone to explain:

1. Compare the configuration of the cinema self-service terminals

We are in the purchase of theater self-service terminals to pay attention to the configuration of self-service terminals in the production of self-service terminals when the selection of the materials are different, so we buy the time to look at its configuration, for some of the key parts of the information, we can before the purchase on-line to see the understanding.

2, according to their own needs to buy

We use the self-service terminals in each theater will be different, we can according to their own needs to customize, at present many manufacturers are supporting personalized customization, so as to better meet our users ' needs.

3. Understand the strength of the factory

After confirming the target factory, we can further understand the strength of these manufacturers, such as hardware facilities (plant, office environment, manufacturing equipment, business qualification), software facilities (brand awareness, customer satisfaction, success stories, honor qualification) and so on.

Custom-Buy Theater self-service terminal is a technology, the selection of manufacturers is very important, good manufacturers can produce quality theater self-service terminals, of course, the specific needs to go to the field to see.

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