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What is a self-service terminal?
Jun 13, 2017

Self-help terminals simply say that the securities, banks, stations, airports and other places, provided to customers or passengers, so that customers or passengers to operate, do not need to let the salesperson or attendant assistance to complete the transfer or purchase of computer network equipment.

Self-service terminal is a "24-hour self-service" system design concept, can alleviate the traditional business hall traffic too large problems, to make up for the original operating time of the shortage, to avoid customers in the business hall to deal with the trouble, so that customers feel relaxed, convenient and considerate service. The self-service terminal of the business Hall is an extension and supplement to the service of the business Hall.

In the financial industry users can carry out account inquiries, self-help transfer, the bill printing, registration, self-help reporting business;

Users in the communications industry through the terminal input phone number, can be self-service for mobile phone stop (complex) machine, billing inquiries printing, payment, invoice printing, caller ID, GPRS and other basic business of the open and shut down;

Also can buy mobile phone card, password recharge by bar. Through the value-added development, you can also achieve other value-added services such as commodity purchase through supporting equipment.

The equipment has the advantages of saving staff expenses, reducing operating cost, 24-hour continuous work and error-free operation, which can be placed in public places such as telecom Business Hall, charging point, station, Wharf, airport, large shopping mall and so on.

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