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Market Analysis Of Self-service Payment Terminals

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Based on the successful experience of foreign prepaid self-service payment terminals, 7 million terminals in the United States, 5 million terminals in Japan, and more than 200,000 media self-service terminals in Russia are trading at $23 billion annually. Based on the rapid advancement of China's population base and the digitalization of urban life, the rapid expansion of urban residents ' convenience needs, the convenience of self-service terminal industry has just started, and the market prospect and development potential are enormous.

Self-Service payment terminals are the trend of urban life; Chinese cities are densely populated, higher than foreign cities, some of the necessary financial payment behavior-such as water, electricity, gas, mobile phone fees, transportation, bus card recharge, transfer payments, etc., to a variety of units to pay, or a bank or postal savings as a window of payment. However, the limited business hours, the heavy workload and the cumbersome process, the large number of people pay a lot of fees and charges, the emergence of self-service terminals to solve the problem of public payment.

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Top-up Self-Service billing terminals have a strong software and background research and development capabilities, whether from hardware equipment, core systems, or databases, using a leading technology to ensure the security of our operations.

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