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POS Settlement
Jun 13, 2017

The following steps should be taken when settling through the POS system:

(1) Local barter agent or special customer's barter cashier system, the purchase or consumption amount of the buyer's members into the POS terminal; (2) Card Reader (POS) Read the authentication data of magnetic stripe on the easy goods card of the advertisement, the buyer's member number (password);

(3) The clearing system will send the data entered to the supervision account of the Centre;

(4) The advertising and barter cashier system shall be signed by the buyer's member after confirming the settlement data processed. Trading members and barter agents or special merchants each leave a receipt stub, barter agent or special merchant will send its receipt stub to the barter company;

(5) The Barter company confirms that the buyer has received the goods or media service, and the clearing center transfers the replacement quota. Completing the settlement process

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