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Principle Analysis Of POS Machine
Jun 13, 2017

The basic principle of POS system is to create the commodity data in the computer file, through the computer to collect the silver machine on-line structure, the barcode on the commodity can be read directly by the optical reading equipment on the cashier equipment (or by the keyboard input code directly) immediately can display commodity information (unit price, Department, discount Speed up the cashier and correct it. The sales details of each item (selling price, department, time period, guest level) are automatically recorded and returned to the computer by the online schema. It can generate various sales statistic and analysis information by computer calculation and processing, which is the basis of management.

The POS machine reads the cardholder magnetic stripe information on the bank card through the card reader, the POS operator enters the transaction amount, the cardholder enters the personal identification information (that is, the password), the POS sends this information through the UnionPay Center, delivers the card issuing bank system, completes the online transaction, gives the success or not the information, and prints the corresponding bill. The application of Pos realizes the online consumption of bank cards such as credit card, debit card and so on, which ensures the safety, rapidity and accuracy of the transaction, avoids the complicated labor of manual inquiry blacklist and pressing single, and improves the work efficiency.

The design of the magnetic stripe module is required to meet the three-track magnetic card, that is, the module must be able to read 1/2, 2/3, $number track magnetic card.

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