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Wireless Printer Advantages And Disadvantages

- Jun 13, 2017 -

There are currently two types of wireless ticket printers, one is a 433MHZ wireless ticket printer and the other is a WiFi wireless printer. With more advantages than the WiFi wireless printer 433MHZ Wireless printer, mainly manifests in: 1, the communication distance, 433 to reach the WiFi the several times distance, 2, in the practical environment, the signal penetrating, namely wears the wall performance, 433 to be better than the WiFi, may penetrate 10 faces around the wall. The WiFi wireless printer is very poor in wall performance. Many friends who use WiFi are often hit with WiFi signals when they are disconnected and cannot be transmitted across a wall. 3, stability, because the bill printer requires stable operation, high success rate, so wifi because of the signal, unable to achieve high reliability. Of course, the WiFi signal has its own bit: 1. Large amount of information data, the characteristics of WiFi is a large amount of data transfer, of course, for paper printing, this is not particularly useful; 2, equipment is common, now most mobile terminals are equipped with WiFi, so its overall application of the larger environment is more common.

For industry applications, whether it is supermarket shopping malls, or logistics securities, 433MHZ wireless paper printer is more in line with commercial and industrial applications, with higher reliability.

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