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Wireless Printer Applications

- Jun 13, 2017 -

1, the printing of financial paper paper printer has a very wide range of applications in finance payroll, VAT invoices, service industry invoices, cheques, administrative fee receipts;

2, Government departments on-site printing law enforcement documents on-site law enforcement documents such as: Traffic police on-site tickets, urban management law enforcement documents. Company on-Site law enforcement instruments, food and drug law enforcement documents, etc. in fact, the government department also has a common printer is used for printing licenses such as: Business License, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, etc., generally not referred to as a bill printer

3, Financial industry printing process form Bank business process form, credit card transaction voucher, bank statement, settlement list

4, the Public utility unit and the Telecommunication Department to print the payment notice or invoice for various payment notices or invoices.

5, the Logistics industry printing process form Express form, billing list,

6, retail and service industry print consumption list supermarket, convenience store, hotel Hotel printing consumption list, especially catering industry

7, a variety of traffic tickets such as fire tickets, air tickets, boarding passes, car tickets and so on

8, printing a variety of reports, water bills, detailed single company to print a variety of data in the volume of a large daily, monthly report, running list, detailed list.

Most of the paper printer is wired form, that is, the printer and computer connect through some kind of connection line, such as serial line, parallel port line, USB line, net mouth line, by installing the corresponding drive in the computer to realize printing.

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