Self-Service Ticketing Terminals Are Simple And Convenient


Cinema self-service ticketing terminals as a new type of PC input equipment, self-service ticketing terminals are now simple, convenient, natural and applicable to China's multi-channel information query input equipment, cinema self-service ticket terminals have a solid and durable, fast response, saving space, convenient communication and many other advantages.

In order to operate on the benefit, many people use LCD touch machine instead of the mouse or keyboard. When working, we have to touch the screen on the front of the monitor with fingers or other objects, and then locate the input information based on the icon or menu element that the finger touches.

With these special functions, users can only use the finger to touch the picture on the computer display screen or text to make the fact of the host operation, which makes the machine interactive more direct Jie when, this skill greatly benefits the user who does not understand the PC operation. This human-computer interaction, self-service ticketing terminals give the new look of many television stations, is a very magical new multi-channel interactive equipment.