Metal Keyboard

The material of the bank teller machine keyboard is metal. Have you ever wondered why? Most people don’t know, and they don’t even know!Let me show you the Metal Keyboard:

Bank ATM machines are generally metal numeric keypads. Do you think they are just to prevent rust? No! It has the advantage of preventing leaks.

Demystified: Thermal induction

Looking at the picture above, do you have any ideas?

You can find that "5" was pressed last (because 5 is the reddest). It can be found from the color depth that the password sequence is 12345, which is the consequence of not using a metal keyboard! Think about it, when you press the password with your finger, the temperature of the keyboard will change. If we take a photo with a thermal camera just after the transaction is completed, we can get the password through the photo.

The advantage of the metal keyboard is that the metal has a high conductivity, and the temperature change is instantaneous and fleeting. No matter how fast the thermal camera is, it is difficult to determine the order of the colors in the photos, so that it is a good way to protect the safety of the property owner.