How to use the Canadian Customs Kiosk

When you enter Canada, you may have noticed that all major international airports have self-service kiosks for customs clearance. Today, Immigration Canada will introduce some of these kiosks in detail.

1. The English name of the customs clearance self-service machine
The full English name of the customs clearance self-service machine is Primary Inspection Kiosk, or Kiosk for short, which can provide services in multiple languages

2. The purpose of Kiosk

Kiosk can be set up in major international airports in Canada to facilitate passengers to pass customs quickly

3. Kiosk suitable for people

Most Canadian residents and foreigners

4. Kiosk is not suitable for people
-The travel document held by the machine cannot be read
-Minors without accompanying persons
Kiosk is not suitable for people who can go to the counter with customs officers to queue up for customs clearance

5. How to use Kisok

1) Scan your travel documents
2) Take pictures
3) Confirm fingerprints (applicable to passengers who have registered their fingerprints before applying for a visa)
4) Answer the questions and complete the declaration
5) Bring the receipt generated by kiosk to the customs officer
Note: If you live at the same address, five people can use a Kiosk together

6. E-Declaration APP for Kiosk (eDeclaration APP)
The official website of the Canadian Immigration Service has currently developed an electronic declaration APP dedicated to Kiosk, which is applicable to both Apple and Android systems. Friends can download this free APP to their mobile phones before entering customs and fill in the declaration information in advance, so as to avoid the embarrassing situation of not answering certain questions when filling in on the spot.